Oklahoma's only nationally acclaimed personal training facility

For over 30 years Focus on Fitness® has been providing both physical therapy and personal training via a seamless continuum of exercise to meet the needs of "REAL people".

Focus… on YOU

"REAL people":

  • are not built for exercise the way it is offered by those who are

  • are not orthopedically tolerant of exercise the way those who love exercise often are

  • have lives that allow little time for exercise unlike those who neurotically devote hours to it

  • are not fond of or comfortable in the traditional gym environment, a foreign culture that includes clothes, attitudes, and generally an intimidating feeling

  • simply want to feel and look good… and maybe recapture a former sense of ease or even vigor throughout the course of everyday life

These goals don’t require extreme versions of exercise like Crossfit® or boot camps that wrongly turn fitness into a competition. Quite frankly these are inappropriate often injury-inducing for the vast majority of the population. Health, wellness, and quality of life are not a competition and require sustainable exercise rather than this month’s flashy movements and secret routines promising the magic of quick results!

Focus On Fitness…

Real people committed to long term health and quality of life!

Have you ever felt like exercise is imposed as “one size fits all”. Certainly there is a significant number of people that “fit in”…. and the tougher it is the better…for them! We might call them “exceptional”, not necessarily meaning great, but “exceptions to the rule”.

At Focus we have spent decades honing the skills of creating and progressing Custom Fit Exercise®. Quite simply this is the minute by minute, trial and error process of determining exactly what’s right for YOU based upon your goals, needs, abilities, and tolerances that may be different every day. Painting by number is for kids. Likewise there should be no predetermined numbers or routines in exercise because at best these are just guesses. Everything must be determined after YOU walk through the door. Progress requires constant and strategic manipulation of many factors that all depend upon YOU!

Focus... on HOW

It’s not WHAT you do! It’s HOW you do it!

Certainly what you do matters. But just doing it can be anywhere from a waste of time to actually dangerous over time. Focus is not just a facility. It’s a way of doing exercise. It’s the mindful performance of every fraction of every movement utilizing your attention and intention as the most powerful tools you have for changing your body!

HOW before how many!

HOW WELL before how much!

Focus…. on Internal Performance

Most people focus on the outside and assume that optimal changes automatically occur on the inside. WE focus on the inside in order to produce the desired outward results. A simple analogy: Using your car won’t make it better. You would never drive farther or faster to improve or repair it. Likewise when you walk, run, or play sports you are using your body for locomotion and recreation and these don’t necessarily create the specific improvements required on the inside.

The reality is that these activities require properly functioning “pieces” not only just to participate, but also to keep these activities from becoming yet another source of problems. The place to focus your efforts is on the condition of the specific muscle and joints that produce all of your activities… and even influence “weight loss”! For example, before you can really work on “balancing” you must have adequately functioning “balancers”, the muscles in the toes, foot, ankle, knee, hip, etc. on which balancing depends.

Specificity is the key! This is not a popular “philosophy” in the exercise world today, but it is an undeniable truth of engineering and biomechanics, as well as human function. Truth is often unpopular. One must understand the inside to see its vital importance… and to know how to influence it.

Sports are not exercise!

Sports are the reason we have sports medicine

Exercise is supposed to BE the medicine!

Focus… on Results (Reality)

The most popular guarantee made during the sales and marketing of fitness, exercise, and training is, always has been, and always will be “RESULTS”. The truth is that no one can guarantee results because quite frankly they have the least influence in your outcomes. In the same way that it is impossible for a month of exercise to reverse a decade of bad habits, poor lifestyle choices, laziness, busyness, sports injuries, etc. two hours a week with the best advice, coaching, and exercise cannot possibly counter the other 166 hours of bad decisions. And overcompensating with extreme exercises and excessive effort beyond one’s current tolerance is simply childish and has never produced sustainable results.

The truth is that any professional… doctor, lawyer, therapist, or trainer… is only responsible for providing appropriate, ethical, client-specific advice, education, and encouragement. They cannot make you healed, legal, healthy, or fit. No spiritual leader can make you a better person. Ultimately YOU are responsible for your outcomes.

So, if you want quick, easy, responsibility free, guaranteed results there’s no shortage of people and places out there making those promises. Focus is not one of them.

Success is not driven by motivation.

Motivation is always temporary.

Success is driven by commitment.

It’s what gets you past the days without motivation!

Focus and commitment are the keys to long term success!