The History

Focus on Fitness was created by Tom Purvis (TomPurvis.com) in 1987 with the mission of providing both physical therapy and personal training synergistically. Initially both services were offered within separately contracted third party facilities (Physical Therapy at a north OKC PT clinic and Personal Training at several nearby fitness facilities) as well as in-home training.

In 1990 both services were united under one roof located in the Collonade on north May Avenue. In 1999 the facility moved to Casady Square, and in 2002 to its current and permanent home at 11205 N. May.

National Acclaim

In 1991 the National Academy of Sports Medicine made Focus On Fitness its first regional educational affiliate.

In May 1995 Vogue magazine recognized Focus trainers as among “The Best Trainers in the Country”.

Institute for Internal Performance®

Focus is unique in that it is not only a state of the art personal training facility, it is both an alpha and beta testing site for strength equipment advancement prototypes as well as the procedures by which all exercise is created, manipulation, and delivered.

Trainers, therapists, and strength coaches from around the world travel to Focus for Advanced Professional Continuing Education presented onsite monthly through RTS®, the Resistance Training Specialist® Program, which hold its Mastery Level classes and instructor training exclusively at Focus. (RTS123.com)


Trademark Notification

“Focus on Fitness” has been used by trainers around the country who have not done their homework.

Focus On Fitness® is and has been a registered trademarked of Tom Purvis since 1990

All others are using this name illegally. It has been successfully defended over the decades against use by commercial equipment companies, fitness facilities, personal trainers, and others including media giant Time-Warner and we will continue to pursue violators and defend ownership.