Tony Lott, DC

With Focus since 1991

Training since 1991

Cleveland College of Chiropractic 2002

Muscle Activation Specialist since 2012

NPC Oklahoma Bodybuilding Championship – Novice Div, 1989

Trevor Fike

With Focus since 1991

UCO BSc Physical Education 1990

Interned at Focus 1990

National Academy of Sports Medicine 1991

Daren Kosters, MATs (

With Focus since 2014

OU - BSc in Health and Sports Science 1997

American College of Sports Medicine 1997

Resistance Training Specialist 1998

Muscle Activation Specialist since 2001

Ha Bui

With Focus since 2014

SNU - BSc in Exercise Science

Began training in 1999


MAT Jump Start Certified

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu- Purple belt

Derek Flowers

With Focus since 2017

Professional Ballet and Ballroom Dancer

Ballroom and Ballet Instructor for 11 years

RTS Mastery Student currently

Tom Purvis, PT